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About Us

Confluence Philanthropy advances mission aligned investing. It supports and catalyzes a community of private, public and community foundations, individual donors, and their values-aligned investments representing more than $76 billion in philanthropic assets under management, and over $3 trillion in managed capital. Confluence is an international organization, with the majority of members based in the U.S., and a handful in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Our members represent a diversity of institutions, charitable asset types, personal and professional roles, and programmatic missions, but they all share a commitment to mission-aligned philanthropy.

Annual conferences, webinars, trainings, specific investment and change strategy, translate learning and connection into concrete action. We promote mission alignment, when prudent and feasible, through a variety of asset classes, investment vehicles and advocacy strategies, including cash, proxy voting, shareholder engagement, program-related investing, screening public equities, and private equity.

We have offices in New York City and in downtown Oakland, California.