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Advisor Membership

Advisors’ Bay is a unique database showcasing the leading investment advisors, money managers, investment consultants, and asset managers in mission-related investing. Each Advisor has their own profile, which is available in an abbreviated public view from the homepage of our website.


Advisors’ Bay Member Benefits

  • Firm's brand and summary description listed in the public area of the Confluence website
  • Recognition among an elite group of the top firms in impact-investing
  • Participation in Confluence working groups
  • Opportunity to propose annual conference sessions
  • Subscription to Advisors’ Bay Listserve
  • Possible invitations for co-branding opportunities
  • Larger sponsorship opportunities
  • Potential speaking opportunities at Confluence events (not guaranteed)

How are Advisors Chosen?

Advisors are chosen to join Advisors’ Bay through a peer-referred process. Each Advisor must hold at minimum a three-year track record in mission-related investing and have three referrals from foundations or other members of our network (e.g., investment advisors to our member foundations, individual donors, family offices, etc.). They must then complete an application form to be reviewed by the Confluence Board of Directors. All Advisors are requested to make an annual donation of $3,000 (for-profit organizations) or $1,750 (nonprofit organizations), which guarantees and includes one complimentary registration to the Annual Practitioners’ Meeting.

Protecting Our Members’ Privacy

Advisors’ Bay is not a 'pay to play' service. Confluence will not under any circumstances share the contacts of our philanthropic members with Advisors. If a member would like to connect with an Advisor they must do so directly. Furthermore, Advisors are promised neither speaking engagements at our events nor access to any of the funder-only areas of our website. Advisors are encouraged to share their research and publications, which they may post to the listserve or share with Confluence staff to post in the library.