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Program Steering Committee Members

Conference Planning Committee Members, New Orleans 2017

  • Molly Betournay, Director of ESG and Impact Investing, Pathstone Federal Street
  • Margot Brandenburg, Fellow, The Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • Anna Cable, Consultant, Gray Matters Capital
  • Daryn Dodson, Executive Vice President, Calvert Investments
  • Steven Godeke, Trustee, The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
  • Eric Horvath, Program Associate, Woodcock Foundation
  • Peter Knight, President, Generation Investment Management
  • Leslie Lowe, Program Officer, The Rockefeller Family Fund
  • Jessica Matthews, Head of Mission-Related Investing Practice, Cambridge Associates
  • Greg Neichin, Director, Ceniarth LLC
  • Jameela Pedicini, Trustee, PWP Foundation
  • Jeff Rosen, Chief Financial Officer, Solidago Foundation
  • Rachel Serotta, Director, Root CapitalMorgan Simon, Managing Director, Pi Investments
  • Kristin Tracz, Program Officer, The Walton Family Foundation

Others to be announced.

Climate Solutions Collaborative Steering Committee

  • Sharon Alpert, President and CEO, The Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • John Balbach, Program Officer, The MacArthur Foundation
  • Aimée Christensen, Trustee, Christensen Family Foundation
  • Régine Clément, CEO, CREO Syndicate
  • Rob Day, Partner, Black Coral Capital
  • Nicholas Eisenberger, Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners, and Member, CREO Syndicate
  • Bruce Kahn, Trustee, The Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation, Confluence Board Member
  • Peter Martin, Executive Director, Sierra Club Foundation
  • Jeffrey Prins, Programme Manager, Renewable Energy, Ikea Foundation
  • Jason Scott, Partner, Encourage Capital (Advisor to the Steering Committee)
  • Raoul G. Slavin Julia, Director, Treehouse Investments
  • Terry Tamminen, CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Mission Fish Working Group

  • Teresa Ish, Program Officer, Walton Foundation
  • Mark Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation
  • Rachel Strader, Program Officer, Marine Conservation, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Gulf of Maine Fisheries Project Advisory Committee

  • Stacey Faella, Executive Director, Woodcock Foundation
  • Mark Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation
  • Jen Southard, Vice President, Maine Community Foundation
  • Dan Winterson, Program Director, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

Water Investors

  • Jon Scott, President and Director, Singing Field Foundation

The Native Green Learning Circle

  • Jennifer Astone, Executive Director, Swift Foundation
  • Dave Castillo, CEO, Native Capital Access
  • Jeff Pace, Director of Finance and Operations, Christensen Fund
  • Joohee Rand, Vice President for Community Investment and Strategy, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Donna Vogel, Executive Director, Chamiza Foundation

Western Water and Impact Investing Briefing Planning Committee

  • Margaret Bowman, Deputy Director, Environmental Focus Area, Walton Family Foundation
  • Sarah DeNicola, Membership Program Manager, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Adam Harms, Communications Manager, Environmental Grantmakers Association
  • William Hull, Deputy Director, The Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
  • Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Jon Scott, President and Director, Singing Field Foundation
  • Shally Shanker, VP Investments, Schmidt Family Foundation
  • Nancy Stoner, Water Program Director and Senior Fellow, Pisces Foundation
  • Francesca Vietor, Program Director, San Francisco Foundation
  • Emily Young, Vice President, Community Impact, San Diego Foundation