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Active Owners

The Active Owners Working Group focuses broadly on the role of money in our political system, and how funders and investors can work together to promote governmental and corporate transparency and accountability, as well as fair and equitable representation in the political process. This group uses educational programs, network building, and cross-sector collaboration to raise the level of discourse and action amongst impact investors interested in using their asset ownership as a tool to support and strengthen our democracy. From established impact investing strategies like shareholder resolutions and proxy voting, to emerging issues including campaign finance and corporate disclosure reform, the Active Owners Working Group creates a community of practice for bringing 'dark money' in politics into the light.

Active Owners Steering Committee Members

  • Andy Behar, CEO, As You Sow
  • Allison Barlow, Director of Democracy and Media, Wallace Global Fund
  • David Abbott, Executive Director, The George Gund Foundation
  • Jonathan Scott, President, Singing Field Foundation
  • Lisa Hayles, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Melissa Beck, Executive Director, Educational Foundation of America
  • Scott Budde, Board Member, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
  • Tim Smith, Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management