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Cambridge Associates

Cambridge Associates is a leading global investment firm that delivers innovative portfolio management services to institutional and private investors. For more than 40 years, Cambridge has focused on discovering new ways to add long-term value to their clients’ portfolios based on their unique objectives That’s why we have built a global network of outstanding investment advisors and an extensive research platform to help investors make informed decisions when it comes to mission-related investing (MRI). With more than 1,100 employees around the globe, including investment and research staff on four continents, Cambridge is constantly looking to discover best-in-class ideas for their clients’ portfolios. We apply our rigorous due diligence standards to a wide range of MRI investment opportunities. Speaking with more than 100 managers each year and tracking more than 800 mission-related funds across all asset classes, we are committed to helping our clients build sophisticated portfolios that enable them to meet both their social and investment return objectives. Learn more about Cambridge Associates’ mission-related investing services here.