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9th Annual Practitioners Gathering

Bring the Change

Confluence Philanthropy's Practitioners Gathering brings together member delegates and invited guests working on the cutting edge of impact investing. The Practitioners Gathering represents the most advanced foundations, high-net individuals, and investment advisors committed to effecting transformative change through collaboration and innovation. We partner with leaders in our membership to build an agenda that is timely, innovative, and challenging. The Gathering has a strong reputation for deep strategic thinking, critical discussion, connection, sharing, and most importantly, fun!

In 2019, we dive into the theme of Truth and Transparency. Now is the time to be honest with ourselves about how we steward our wealth and resources, and how we build disruptive industries and social movements for a sustainable future. In our increasingly connected world, transparency tied to justice is more important than ever before. We will focus on the intersection of finance and philanthropy to accelerate movement-building. Join us for critical dialogue around why we invest, how we invest, and the tools available and needed to create the change we want to see in the world.

Registration is now open at: