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Program Steering Committee Members

Climate Solutions Collaborative Steering Committee

Food Systems Working Group

  • Stacey Faella, Executive Director, Woodcock Foundation
  • Jeff Rosen, Chief Financial Officer, Solidago Foundation
  • Mark Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation
  • Kolu Zigbi, Program Director for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Jessie Smity Noyes Foundation

The Rainmakers Investment Collaborative

  • Stacey Faella, Executive Director, Woodcock Foundation
  • Joohee Rand, Vice President, Community Investment and Strategy, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Loe Marcoline, Executive Director, Womadix Fund
  • Rebekah Saul Butler, Co-Executive Director, Grove Foundation
  • Alvin Warren, Program Officer, WK Kellogg Foundation

Active Owners Working Group

  • Andy Behar, CEO, As You Sow
  • Allison Barlow, Director of Democracy and Media, Wallace Global Fund
  • Jonathan Scott, President, Singing Field Foundation
  • Lisa Hayles, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Melissa Beck, Executive Director, Educational Foundation of America
  • Tim Smith, Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management