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Job Announcement: Research and Advisory Services Manager, Transform Finance

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Transform Finance is a field-building nonprofit organization working at the intersection of capital and social justice. Founded in 2013 by Andrea Armeni and Morgan Simon, we are based in New York City and operate internationally through multiple program areas. Transform Finance envisions a world where capital is a tool for the advancement of real, transformative social change. Through thought leadership, trainings, convenings, and the Transform Finance Investor Network, we support all stakeholders, from community leaders and activists to investors and entrepreneurs, who are exploring a more just vision for the deployment of capital and redefining who wins and who loses in the economy.


  • The Transform Finance Investor Network is a community of practice for asset owners and managers exploring how to align their capital in accordance with social justice and the transformative finance principles. Launched at the White House in 2014, the Network now represents over $2 billion in assets explicitly exploring this alignment

  • The Transform Finance Institute for Social Justice Leaders is a multi-day training that supports social justice leaders and activists in exploring how capital intersects with their work and how to use it as a tool to advance social change agendas, from climate justice to immigrant rights

  • Our research projects empower and spur to action investors and movement builders through knowledge, tools, and opportunities. Examples include new models for alternative financing mechanisms, investment frameworks aligned with specific social justice issues, and a review of the role of investors in supporting a fair future of work

  • Our advisory services help foundations, family offices and other investors navigating the alignment of their investments with a social change strategy, from defining an impact thesis to crafting investment policy statements and identifying pipelines of transformative investable opportunities

  • Our thought leadership work centers on webinars, briefings, and public speaking at the forefront of finance and social change and covers topics such as the intersection of renewable energy and human rights, alternative ownership structures, and community-centered governance models for investments


The Research and Advisory Services Manager is a new, key programmatic position with significant responsibility over Transform Finance’s ideation and output. Working closely with the Executive Director, the Research and Advisory Services Manager will be responsible for systematizing and growing the volume of special research projects, such as investor briefings and reports, generating high-level content, and supporting the organization’s growing advisory services.

We seek a thoughtful and energetic leader committed to social justice values, versed in finance and issues of the economy, and motivated by the idea of supporting the mission of our small, quirky, well-respected organization.

For more information and how to apply, visit the website.

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