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Blog Archives: January 2017 — December 2017

• C2C Launches Cleantech Investing Primer

December 12, 2017
The Cleantech investing space can be a daunting one.  From past poor performance, to the technical nature of the opportunities, it can be difficult for some asset owners to confidently engage around investing in the sector.  To help better inform the philanthropic and family office communities, The Climate Solutions Collaborative released Developing Your Cleantech 2.0 Investing Strategy: A Primer for Wealth Owners, Foundations, Endowment Managers and Family Offices a guide to new models and approaches for investing in the next wave of ...

• Confluence Scales Advisor Program to Accelerate Impact Investing

November 15, 2017
This past July, Confluence Philanthropy launched a new membership model that will significantly expand our membership offering to investment managers, CDFI’s, and program related investing intermediaries. Our new Advisor Associate Program is the new entry point for professional money managers to join the Confluence community. A companion Advisor Affiliate membership level is an affordable way for non profit CDFI’s and individual consultants to bring their deep experience to our membership. This new program was inspired by the realization ...

• Innovations in Water Investing: The Midwest Water Summit

November 13, 2017
Water is in everything. Despite the importance of water in nearly every sector of our economy and its centrality to our most pressing environmental challenges, too few impact investors take on water challenges in their investment strategy. What are the hurdles to investing in water and how can investors make an impact on our greatest water problems? Gavins Point Dam, Missouri River On November 7-8, Confluence convened the Midwest Water Summit in Minneapolis, MN, bringing together the country's leading investors for an in-depth, ...

• Unlocking the Potential of Philanthropic and Family Office Capital for Investing in Climate Solutions

November 02, 2017
Philanthropic and family office investors are well positioned to play an important role in the transition to a clean economy, but to date, the pace of progress has not yet met the need.  With public funding for climate solutions in doubt, it is more important than ever to mobilize capital from this community in all of its forms, from grant dollars and PRIs, to market rate opportunities that are a fit for endowment capital. The Climate Solutions Collaborative (C2C), through our Re-Investment Institutes and other programming, works to make the ...

• Tools for Effective Investor Engagement: The Oil-Climate Index

September 12, 2017
Electric vehicles, fuel economy standards, biofuels, and rapid rail and buses are not enough to stem the flow of oil in a warming world. After nearly two generations of hard work to reduce oil demand, oil consumption and production are marching up in lock step. Why? The simple answer is the market works. It loathes disruption. So, oil keeps flowing. And the best competitor for one oil barrel is another oil barrel. That’s where the Oil-Climate Index (OCI) comes in. The first-of-its-kind open source web tool compares global oils climate ...

• Reflections on the Global Social Impact Investing Summit

July 25, 2017
Dana Lanza
This month I was honored to serve as a delegate to the Global Social Impact Investing Steering Group’s (GSG) Impact Summit (Summit) in Chicago, joining over 550 financial institutions, philanthropies and intermediaries from 43 countries. The Summit was led by the US Impact Investing Alliance (Alliance), newly formed organization dedicated to building the impact investing ecosystem in the United States.  Confluence serves as an inaugural member of the Alliance’s Industry Advisory Council, composed of our peer networks and collaborators, all ...

• EVENT REPORT: Jonathan Pershing & John Goldstein Discuss Implications of the U.S. Withdrawal from UNFCCC

June 30, 2017
On June 30, 2017, Confluence Philanthropy held a webinar to discuss the Implications of the U.S. Withdrawal of Support from the UNFCCC. Co-sponsored by the Climate and Energy Funders Group and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s Planet Pledge fund, the session featured a discussion between Jonathan Pershing, Program Director, Environment at the Hewlett Foundation and former U.S. lead negotiator in the UNFCCC and John Goldstein, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and co-founder, Imprint Capital Advisors .Michael Northrop, ...

• Event Report: Oakland Re-Investment Institute

June 29, 2017
On Thursday, June 1, as President Trump was announcing his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate deal, a group of committed family offices and foundations representing over $1.3B in assets was convened by the Climate Solutions Collaborative (C2C) at the Sierra Club Foundation to talk about strategies for investing in climate solutions. This Re-Investment Institute brought together participants in a structured workshop to foster peer-to-peer exchange and a diversity of perspectives on climate investing, with the goal ...

• C2C Announces $3b Commitment

June 02, 2017
On Thursday, June 1 as President Trump was announcing his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate deal, a group of committed family offices and foundations representing over $1.3B in assets were meeting to talk about strategies for investing in climate solutions.  Organizations in the room and others across the globe are joining together to invest at least $3 billion in the companies and organizations that will end the fossil fuel era, improve all human lives and heal our atmosphere. Confluence Philanthropy’s Climate ...

• Supporting Local Economies through Sustainable Food: A Bike Tour of New Orleans with Confluence

April 11, 2017
Jeff Rosen, Solidago Foundation
"Most of us, when asked to stop and think about it, are by now aware of the pervasiveness of metaphorical thinking. But in the normal rush of events, we often see straight through metaphors, unaware of how they refract perceptions. So it’s probably important to pause once a month or so to pierce the illusion that we see the world directly. It’s good to pause to appreciate how flexible and tenuous our grip on reality actually is.  To be aware of metaphors is to be humbled by the complexity of the world, to realize that deep in the ...

• Sister Pat Daly Actively Invites Confluence Members to Join in Shareholder Advocacy On Climate Change

March 27, 2017
Tim Smith, Walden Asset Management
Under the Confluence banner “Love & Resilience”, the theme for the Confluence 7thAnnual “Practitioners Gathering”, Sister Pat Daly invited attendees to “deepen our work together.” Sister Pat, a Dominican Sister, has been a leader in the religious community in the arena of responsible investing and the environment for over a quarter century.  She was pictured on the front page of the New York Times Magazinefor her 20 years of work on Exxon Mobil related to climate change. Truly a marathon runner in sustainable and responsible ...

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